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I don't care how many times I've said it.

This time I mean it. More than I ever have before.

Even if you can't win. Even if everything is lost.

Please... never give up.

Join Reid as he battles against the hordes of Scourge, zombie-like creatures that have overrun his city, on the search for a dear friend! With the power of the Atma Edge, combine Prefixes and Suffixes together to create an exponentially-expanding library of skills to suit any situation! And when all hope is lost... rage against the dying.

RATD is a story-rich title with a unique skill-combining battle system and a brand new chiptune soundtrack by Sawyer Friend

Ver 1.3.1

This game is an entry in the 2023 Harold Jam!


Rage Against The Dying.zip 230 MB

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Finally played this!

Did two tries, won and lost the final battle! And completed the penultimate battle by phasing the first time and secondly somehow beat it so there weren't any summoned minions.

Now fighting the secret battle! Good music everywhere!

Secret Boss Spoilers for if you look below...

Interesting choice of damage numbers and attacks, such that I never had to Hold, since I always have at least 1 MP, and the last two possible battles are one-on-one duels so Rushing Restore and Rushing Slash were all I needed, if I didn't speed things up with Rushing Burst.

Aww, the secret boss "takes the form you desire most"! And looks like a non-pixelly Harold! Interesting! "I love you!" and all!


Came from https://itch.io/jam/haroldjam23/entries

Because of "Combine words to make new skills!" Cool!

Would play if this was on web-player, but on Linux, so I'll save this for my Windows machine.

Btw. this skill system, at least as described, reminds me of the system in https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/62087/saintess-summons-skeletons-a-holy-necrom... 

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It was a very fun game with great mechanics, music and story.

I've adored your particular pixel chiptune style, and I liked the inclusion of Cye.

Though, I have a question about the secret ending flow, if there is a secret ending in the game.

I got the bad ending of the game, then I went back to the town statue and cleared the secret boss that gives 25 skill points, then I went back and beat the regular final boss, getting the notice about the 'wish.'

I loaded my most recent save and went back to the village again, but nothing changed.

Did I do the sequence out of order?

Edit: I went back to my older saves and beat the final boss before beating the secret boss again, but nothing changed. Unless the 'wish' thing was just misdirection and there's only one official ending, or I was supposed to beat the final boss before opening the statue passageway.

Either way, it was a fun title. I heard that Paper Castle Games is also working on a RPG called Wander Stars where you combine words to alter skill effects, and I think it's going to be interesting if their version is even half as good as yours.


That's correct, the game only has one ending.


very awesome